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Creature Feature - Death of a Doll Maker
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Creature Feature - Death of a Doll Maker

I love their music!

Marylin Manson - This Is Halloween

(NUmetal) “This Is Halloween” by the king of creepiness and darkness Marylin Manson. The best Nightmare before christmas remix ever besides Shiny Toy Gun’s remix of “Final Reprise”. All credit goes to Marylin Manson.

Korn - Eaten Up Inside

(Numetal) “Eaten Up Inside” by Korn, my favorite metal band apart from Amon Amarth. All credit goes to Korn.

Bassnectar - Red Step

(Dubstep) “Red Step” by Bassnectar. All rights go to Bassnectar.

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(Dubstep) “Omen” by Mt. Eden Dubstep. All credit goes to Mt. Eden Dubstep

Bob Marley - So Much Trouble in the World

(Reggea) “So Much Trouble in the World” All credit goes to Bob Marley

Gorillaz - Re-Hash

(Trip-Hop) “Re-Hash” From One of my favorite bands. Off of their first album. All credit goes to the Gorillaz.

(Classic Rock) “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” All credit goes to Blue Oyster Cult

Coldplay - 42

(Indie Rock/Pop) “42” Off of their album “Viva La Vida or Death and all his Friends” All credit goes to Coldplay

Matisyahu - One Day

(Jewish Rap/Indie style) “One Day” From his new album “Light”. All credit goes to Matisyahu.